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God Father Ink

Godfather Ink Tattoo Studio Jakarta is a Professional Tattoo Studio that uses international standard equipment made in the USA. Godfather Ink has the best professional artist ever in Indonesia with 14 years work experience working in the art of tattooing.

Godfather Ink Tattoo Studio Jakarta is committed and consistently produces quality work to our clients both in terms of equipment and work. We strongly prioritize strict hygiene standards according to medical standards because one of the criteria for a professional tattoo studio must meet the health category that is guaranteed and overseen by the health department. In addition, Godfather Ink's other advantage is having a friendly and unpretentious tattoo artist for clients and we always try to provide the best service for the sake of client comfort while in our studio.

The price of tattoos in our studio is expensive because we dare to guarantee the level of security of the equipment we use because a tattoo is permanently attached to human skin, which means that the ink and needles that we use are disposable. We are always critical in terms of cleanliness and must be hygienic because the comfort and safety of clients is our priority.

The Godfather Ink market, mostly from Asia and Europe, requires us to always work professionally. Ettitude in our work and attitude is very guarded. We are also very accepting of criticism and suggestions during this time for the purpose of our progress and satisfaction of our clients.

Don't hesitate to visit our studio and get the best service and work from our tattoo artist. MESSAGE FROM US Do not choose the wrong tattoo studio and tattoo artist to tattoo your skin with your best concept because for a lifetime tattoo there is a price there is quality.